Ghaseelco Building Cleaning is a professional cleaning company established in 2009, providing wide range of cleaning services with solutions for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We cover the whole Emirates providing high quality services to those who seek only the best.

Ghaseelco Building Cleaning provides experienced and reliable cleaners possessing friendly manners besides being fully-trained to fulfill your needs to the best of your satisfaction.

Nevertheless, we offer high quality services and very qualified personnel and competitive prices.

Why wash your building ?

Leaving a lasting impression

Customers judge you on your appearance, what does a filthy building say> Get your building washed and ensure you’re making the right impression.

Keep maintenance costs down

With a regular GWS clean, maintenance issues can be avoided or spotted early to avoid big repair bills, meaning we’ll keep long term upkeep costs to a minimum.

Preserve painted areas

A professional clean preserves painted exteriors for the long-term, meaning less need for repainting or even replacing.

Protect your investment

A clean building is less susceptible to the corrosive effects of salt and acidic air pollution meaning it will last longer.


Retain your warranties

It is often a manufacturer’s requirement to regularly clean your roof or cladding.

Why clean your roof ?

Avoid unwanted leaks

A roof that is left unwashed can cause leaks around blocked gutters, air conditioning units, roof joins, sky lights and venting pipes.

Keep maintenance costs down

Regular washing of your roof in the long term will save you money on maintenance and repairs and help you avoid large repair bills down the track.

Meet your lease requirements

Most leases require a regular building wash including the roof. We schedule cleans, meaning one less thing for you to think about.

Retain your warranties

Your roof is a big investment so you want to know it’s covered if anything goes wrong. Ensuring your roof is regularly cleaned means warranties remain valid.


Leave a good impression

A clean roof looks smart, enhancing the professional impression of your business.


GWS specialist whirl-a-way high-pressure cleaners and water blasting solutions will keep your business grounds looking good and performing well.


  1. Concrete car parks
  2. Car park buildings
  3. Warehouse floors
  4. Building entranceways (facade)
  5. Courtyards and seating areas

Why wash your car park?

Make a great impression

Like your building and roof, the car park and yard is the face of your business. Make sure your visitors and customers are left with a great impression.

Provide a safe environment

A slippery car park is not only an eyesore. It is also dangerous to walk on and to drive over.

Create a pleasant working environment

With regular high-quality cleaning , your yard won’t just look good. It



Over time, a build-up of grime can destroy a window’s gleam and left untreated it can permanently damage glass and seals. Our team specialize in cleaning all facets and windows – internal and external – using no chemicals, leaving no residue.

We provide three window cleaning solutions:

  1. Soft Wash
  2. Mop and blade wash
  3. Exterior hose and brush wash

Height isn’t an issue, our custom-built trucks provide safe accessibility to most windows.

Why clean your windows?

Protection and Preservation

Regular cleaning of your windows removes grime and mildew, ensuring greater protection and preservation of glass and seals.

Leave a good impression

Clean windows not only perform more effectively. They look smart-making sure your business is presented in the best light possible from the outside in.


The pumps will generate 3000 psi @ 21 L/m each and the hose reels hold 100 meters of hose each giving the reach required.
  -This unit performs the same when hoses are fully extended or retracted, the pressure loss is minimal.

A chemical venturi system is also fitted to allow the chemical to feed through the gun and lance.

Triple Hose reels allow easy tank filling & multiple operators to work simultaneously.
Building Wash down Water Blaster on a Modular Skid
Silent pack motor and twin interpump


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